Saturday, March 21, 2009

Unmotivated to Write and Update

I am still here and surviving. Just unmotivated to write anything.
I am ready for it to warm up so I can ride with out 50 layers of clothes on.

Other than that it is all still the same.

I have applied for jobs in Henry Co., Walton Co., Taylor Co., and Troup Co. and have yet heard anything from them.

Where ever I get a job is where we will move back to. Except Henry Co., we will rent in Griffin and I will car pool with a great nurse friend of mine. If no jobs pan out we will be in Milner until we can make something happen and I will substitute for Spalding and Lamar.

Baking with yeast if finally becoming our friend and the homemade bread is delicious!

I am just sitting here right now waiting for it to warm up so I can ride the bike.



Sandra said...

I hope you get a job here!!!!

Alice said...

Sorry about the weather. I am glad to hear about the bread. I have killed more yeast than most people ever buy. I am looking forward to some much needed lessons on bread baking.