Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Things that are running through my head.

1. I have regained the connection with the internal signals of my body. In the past month I have only 1 real binge. I am recognizing my fullness and actually listening to it. It has taken me about 3 months to feel comfortable with the concept and not be so obsessive about food.

2. Robby and I have begun the adventure of make food from scratch. This means that we are really cooking and baking with real ingredients, not artificial or highly process ingredients for us. Yes we use butter, sugar, and cream cheese for our cakes. Because remember it is not the dessert, rich and high fat foods that make us carry extra weight, it is the non-hunger eating.

3. Now with that been said I have gain a few pounds okay like 5 extra lbs (that would be 10 lbs since we moved to WA) since I have moved away from "dieting". So, yes it is a little frustrating. I reflect back on what I was doing when I was a happy healthy weight when we were in GA. It looked like this: PE related stuff all day, riding the bike oh maybe 150 miles or more a week (on a good week), running/training for 5Ks the other days, and bicycle commuting 10 miles every day...... Today my life looks like this: sit at a desk all day...come home and get a little training in 1 - 1.5 hours each day that consists of a variety of stuff, bicycle commute 2 miles (less than 10 minutes). I can change that.


Sandra said...

Sorry about the weight gain. That's always tough, but I think our vision of what's a healthy weight and look is skewed by the media (and sometimes by others). I cooked with butter last night and everyone kept saying "This is so good!"

Moxie said...

I agree, I am hoping moving back to a sunnier and warmer climate will help. It is so easy to lay around on the couch and eat in the winter here. It's cold and dark, what's better than some comfort food. Plus you don't see the changes because you are always piling on the clothes and the little extra fat keeps you warm. :)