Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jack of all Trades

I know my mom is dying to know how my first week of work went this week so I will share with everyone.

My morning starts off in the office with assisting Debbie and helping with Tardy's (starting Tuesday).

From there I head to a resource room for an hour and work with a group of 5th graders and 3rd graders on math skills.

Then I head back to the office to relieve Debbie for her break. Starting Tuesday after the break I will stay in the office and work on attendance. This past week I have been heading out for morning recess duty. Yeah, no more recess duty starting next week.

From there I get a 15 minute break and then I head pack to the resource room to help a student with reading for 30 minutes.

Back to the office to cover for Debbie during her lunch break. During this time I usually have to administer meds to a couple of noon time regulars. After her lunch I head out to Lunch Recess Duty for 45 minutes. When Recess Duty is over I get a 30 minute lunch.

After lunch I head to a 5th grade class to help during writing. I have discovered that I need to brush up on those skills. I can write for myself with a lot of proof reading but helping others that don't get it write is challenging. When done there I head out to do bus duty for the primary students who get out at 2:30. Most students walk home, ride their bikes home, get picked up by parents, and a handful ride the bus home.

When that is over I head to a 4th grade class and do spelling conferences with the students. From there I head back to the office for a short period and then back outside for Intermediate bus duty. They get out at 3:30. By the time I finish duty then I get to go home. This week however, I have been staying a little late to be trained on the computer programs that I will be using.

So that is my day in a nutshell. I enjoy the job but I can not wait to get back into the classroom teaching PE.



Alice said...

It doesn't sound as if you are going to get bored. Every few minutes you get to do something different. Good luck on the P.E. position.

Heather & Adam said...

It really sounds like fun! I hope you get back in the gym with the kids soon! How cool that the kids can ride thier bikes home. :)
Miss you guys!

Moxie said...

The job is going good. I am actually starting to recognize people when I am out and about. No longer are we strangers in town.

Come on PE job!