Sunday, January 27, 2008


Not much is going on here.

Sunday started out with snow and ended with sunshine. So, we headed out the door for a walk with Samson.

This is a video of the creek that runs through downtown. We followed the trail along it during part of our walk.




Alice said...

Great picture! Good luck on your second week as the go to person for everything. Hope you guys are doing well.

Anonymous said...

I was just promised BB Scotch Ale!

I plan on sending my 2007 Winter Solstice Ale with some Terrapin Wake N Bake......


Moxie said...

Alice, The job is going well. However, working in the office can be an interesting juggling act with bumps, cuts, parents, phone calls, attendance, copying, filing all at the same time.

Scott - Yummy Wake and Bake. Robby said something about Big Hoppy Monster. Is there still a bottle of that around?

We really miss the Brickstore and hanging out with you and Jeff.


Anonymous said...

Big Hoppy is gone as is the Wake n Bake, but I did get my hands on some of that....When I get motivated, I will pack and ship.