Friday, January 11, 2008

Turning Point

Or shall I say foot in the door, step up, or promotion.

It is official I am no longer a substitute starting Monday. I have accepted a job as a Paraeducator at Birchwood Elementary where I will be a women of many responsibilities. Those responsibilities include working in a resource room, monitoring students on the playground, being a nurse, secretary, office assistant, evening bus duty monitor, etc. I am sure there are other things I will be doing. All I know is that I will go to the same school each and everyday. No longer will I have to be glued to the computer trying to snag sub jobs or wake up at 5:30 am being ready to fly out the door to head who knows where. Right now I can relax a little and prepare for the next step which is landing a full time teacher position.

Life is good right now.


Alice said...

Congratulations!!! I know you feel better. Good luck on your next step to getting a teacher's position. I know you can do it!!!

Moxie said...

Hopefully this will give me the local references that I will need.

Anonymous said...

This sounds great for a start. Is it at a school you like? I asked Jones if I could go EIP or part time. He said that is a possibility. Have a great week! Sandra