Thursday, October 18, 2007

Last Day....

The day has finally come. Many asked if I was counting down. To be honest, I was not counting down at all. In fact, I feel like I was ignoring it more than anything. It finally hit me Thursday night. Flashes of kids faces and their beautiful smiles and the unconditional love that they share with us. It was not until now that I actually realize how close I am to each and everyone one of them and you. Memories are flooding my brain. I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life. I wish I could take everyone with me. We don’t have a lot of furniture I am sure I can fit you in the back of the U-haul. :)

Below are pictures I took while in Bellingham last October. It will give you a glimpse of where we will be living.


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sarabachman said...

Okay...the pic by the water makes me want to hop in the U-haul!