Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Buffalo, WY

It has been a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG 3 days.

We left Sunday around 2 pm and made it all the way to Clarksville, TN.

Monday we made it to Omaha, NE.

Tuesday we made it to Rapid City, SD

Wednesday we made it Buffalo, WY.

Well, if you look at a map you may be thinking, Buffalo, WY why did you stop there that is only 200 miles from Rapid City.

Well, around 9:30 ET our lovely Penske Truck decided that it would burst an oil line. We were making great time too. We were hoping to make it to Idaho today. So right now we are patiently waiting for Penske to tell us how long were are going to be in Buffalo, WY. I know we are here for the night but depending on the degree of the problem we may be here 2 nights. Either they will be able to get the truck fixed or we will be getting a new truck.

At least I can catch up on my sleep. However, I am ready to be OFF the road and in Bellingham.

Patiently waiting,

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