Saturday, September 22, 2007

The train has derailed...

and I need to get it back on track.

Well, since Robby told me he accepted the job in Bellingham, WA my stress level has shot through the roof. Before his announcement I was relatively stress-free. During this time I had control over my hunger. Well, lately I have lost control with eating and I hope by writing about it I can get the train back on track.

I really can't remember everything I have eaten for the past 2 weeks but yesterday will sum it all up for you and put in writing for me.

Here is a list of what I ate yesterday.
Soy sausage
1 cup of cereal with milk
*blueberry muffin (what was I doing in the cafeteria anyway?)
*Texas Cinamon bun from vending machine (what the heck was I thinking about bringing money to work?)
Kashi Sweet and Sour Chicken dinner
*Twix Bars (2)
*Snickers Bar
*2 mozerella Sticks (peer pressure)
*4 fried green tomatoes (Peer pressure, I never eat things like this.)
*4 yeast rolls (I could have eaten more but I thought I would save space for dinner.)
7 oz salmon fillet
Southern Style Squash and onions
*1/2 plain baked potato
*sugar cookies (@6 - 8, Heck I don't know I just kept going back for more.)
*handful of nut mixture with seasme sticks
*toffey candy (1 peice)
* 1 glass of wine

(* are thing I should have never ate yesterday, and I could have replaced them with an apple or something.)

So, I woke up this morning and one thing for sure is that my body is not use to consuming that much junk. So, I am sure all those extra calories yesterday contributed to my 4 lb. weight gain along with the water retention that occurs with junk food.

I ate sooooo much yesterday I could hardly enjoy the one glass of red wine that I had.

It is time to recognize that I can not feed the stress and make it go away. When I eat like that I am actually more stressed mentally.

So, now it is behind me and I have learned from it. (Plus, the binge happened in the presence of people who don't hold me accountable. If Robby had been there I would have never done that. He helps me stay in check with what I eat and I thank him for that eventhough some people may see it differntly.)

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