Sunday, September 30, 2007

Boxes Galore and More

Today was a good day. I got to run with my friend Sandra who I will miss dearly on Sunday mornings for my long run.
I have changed my morning breakfast to oldfashion oats, protein powder, Natural PNB, and flaxseed mill. Yummy and it lasted for a long time.
Lunch was a bowl of chili. The first pot of the season. It was actually cool enough outside to enjoy it.
Crazy me decided to do a 30 mile bike ride with a handful of friends. While in Griffin I also unloaded a few boxes from my friend's mother who moved last week. Thanks Nancy for thinking of me.
Snack was a banana, PNB, and a Powerbar. I almost bonked on the bike today but luckily ClaireAnn had an extra powerbar.
Dinner was another bowl of chili and 4 slices of cheese toast.
Snack was 2 cups of watermelon and small cup of natural yogurt.
Also, today I packed up towels and bedding that we are not currently using. This week I am going to start packing a little each night.
Friday we are headed out to Bellingham in hopes to find a place to rent that will let Samson join us.
Take Care,

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