Thursday, September 6, 2007


That is what I said when I saw the electric bill for this month.

For the first 3 weeks of the month we had 100+ degree weather in GA. It is the kind of weather when the dog never stops panting.

To my sweet surprise we were able to maintain the exact same energy use as the month before.

At the Beauchamp house we are energy conscience. In the summer the thermostat stays around 80 - 82 during the day and 78 - 79 at night. In the winter we only use a wood burning stove for heat. Fires don't get built unless it is going to be in the 30's at night. We also use fluorescent light bulbs and we make sure lights are not on when no one is in the room. If we were going to stay in our present house then solar panels and windmills would be set up too. I only live 10 miles from work and I ride a bike home rather than using a car. On the weekends we take 1 trip in a car to get groceries and do our 1 night out.

Energy consumption in America is out of control. This includes electricity, gas, and even food. In GA and CA electric companies are seeing record setting energy usage. Oil production has already reached its peak and car companies keep spitting out gas guzzlers. On top of it all @ 25% of Americans are considered overweight or obese.

My advice to my fellow citizens it to slow down and enjoy what you have right now. Don't buy anything new for a month and change your habits while you have the choice. I fear that if everyone doesn't start being conscience of their energy consumption be it electricity, gas, or food then eventually down the road we will be forced with choices we don't like.

Be aware of your choices and keep the big picture in mind.

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