Sunday, October 7, 2007

Why Bellingham??

The picture is of Bellingham's Farmers Market

Top 3 Reasons of Why Bellingham??

1. One can actually live car free and not feel trapped. This past week we went all over the city and to neighboring cities on a $20 bus pass. Also, in Bellingham they have an Amtrac station, international airport, GreyHound terminal, Alaska Ferry Terminal, and of course an awesome bus system. Also, the city is very bike and pedestrian friendly. They even have a reward system in place for people who travel with out using a car.

2. Local Produce at the week Farmer's Market. In GA my experience with the market is limited. In Bellingham you can find anything fresh and grown local. I plan shopping there from April - December when it is open. I hope that my current local farmer's market grows into something like this. Not only did they have food but there were booths that had homespun yarn, soaps and oils, clothes, bags, and food to eat for lunch. There was also a band and a guy typing poems on an old fashion typewriter.

3. The people in Bellingham are great. People would thank the bus driver when they got off and who say hello when they got on. While riding the bus and just being around the downtown area you rarely saw people on their cell phones. In GA people can not drive a car without the phone being attached to their ear or can not be in a public place or with in a group of people without subjecting you to their conversation. My biggest pet peeve is when I am with someone for dinner or just haning out and they answer their cell phone and carry on a converstion with me sitting right there. (That is another rant that I will stop and save you from.)

I am sure there are other great things that make Bellingham great that I could add here but I have packing to do.

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