Thursday, August 30, 2007

I overcame temptation today!!!!

Wow, I am amazed at myself. Today was the faculty meeting of the month when they bring in a big birthday cake to celebrate the monthly birthdays. For the first time (or maybe second time) I did not eat a peice. I ate my regular snack and I feel great!

So, one may ask "What is wrong with one peice?" Well, if you are me then one peice leads to 20 pieces and it becomes the starting point of a binge. I have discovered that I always feel like crap physically and mentally when that happens.

Below is a list of foods that trigger binges for me:
Baked Chips (baked doritos and all the other varieties)
Loaf Bread
FigNewtons (Especially the Raspberry ones I found in the organic section at Ingles.)
Granola Bars

I am sure there are other things that trigger binges but I can not think of them right now.

Weekly exercise routine:
Tuesday: 30 minute AM run, 1 hour bike ride home with group
Wednesday: Run 30 min. easy with Jane, 3 sets of 20 Kettlebell swings, 2 pull ups, and 4 ab rolls.
Thursday: Rode bike home from work 10 miles, Run 35 min. hard PM with Robby.

Breakfasts: Soy sausage patty and 1 cup of shredded wheat with milk. (Same everyday.)
Lunch: 300 calorie frozen dinner, 1/2 cup grapes, 1/4 cup cherries.
Snack: 2 sl Ezekiel Bread, Almond butter spread on each slice, 2 tbsp of all fruit spread. (Same everyday)
Tuesday: Sweet potato, 2 cups brussel sprouts, 1 oz. chedder cheese, 4 celery stalks.
Wednesday: Pita pizza with tomatoes, chile pepper, sprinkle of moz. cheese and Parmesean cheese, 2 slices water melon.
Thursday: Whole wheat pasta, ground turkey, pasta sauce, zuchinni, onion, summer squash, Sprinkle of parmasean cheese, 2 slices of watermelon. (very full after this)

Weight at 7:oo pm 129.

Overall, good day!

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