Thursday, July 15, 2010

What do you eat??

If you can't eat bread.......and anything with Gluten in it then what do you eat?

Alot of nuts, fruits, vegetables, .......

Lunch: Big ole salad. Instead of dressing from a bottle I squirt about 2 tbs. of spicy mustard and 1 tbs. of honey on my salad. I choose spinach and this week I am buying a bag of arugula. I top it with loads of veggies. I also include cheese and about 2 oz. of left over meat from last night's dinner. I top it all off with a fresh navel orange.

Dinner: About 3 oz. of meat (chicken, pork loin, or hamburger patty) and 1/2 a sweet potato and a few veggies dipped in hummus. This week we are having broiled asparagus.

Snacks/Treats: handful of semi sweet chocolate chips with a spoonful of peanut butter, small bowl of all natural icecream, apple and 2 slices of cheese, .....

Sure there are alternatives to the pastas if you can't live with out it. But I still try to limit my total grain consumption so that even includes the gluten free ones.

Once you realize that gluten is causing the problem it is really not hard to stay away from it. However, one will never know if gluten is the problem until you cut it out for 8 weeks.

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Sandra said...

I have someone who is allergic to gluten, nuts, eggs, and milk. I looked up what she could eat and what a small list it was! I hope you feel better!!