Saturday, August 1, 2009

Expeditionary Learning

New teacher orientation is over and next week I start my new job as a PE teacher for Kindergarten thru 3rd grade. I am soooooo excited about being back in the classroom after a 1.75 year hiatus.

Challenges that I will have to overcome with this job are:
1. My work space is outside under a pavilion. If people in Florida can teach PE outside so can I.
2. For the first time I will have an assistant for two of the days because I have double classes on Tues. and Thursday. I have always been by my self even when I had 40 kids at a time. I hope they are on board with the "New" PE and don't expect to just roll the ball out.

New exciting things to look forward to are:
1. Decatur City Schools are charter schools. We follow the Expeditionary Learning Model at the Primary Level which is based on the Outward Bound Principles. In the 80s an Outward Bound guru took their idea to professors at Harvard to incorporate their model into the academic realm. Just to give you an idea of what others think about this learning....our current President Obama has spent time checking out this model of schooling.
2. Running a 1/2 marathon with Robby (well we will at least start together but the way he has been running lately he will be waiting for me at the finish line) on Halloween Day.
3. The unknown, who know where this will all take us.
More on Expeditionary Learning as I get thrown into it. :)

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Sandra said...

Ok, I am tired!! I hope you have more energy your first week back than I do! I cannot wait to hear all about PE under the pavilion!