Saturday, July 18, 2009

Life is a Zoo

Our trip back to GA was an adventure.

Thursday - Load Truck

Friday - Finish loading truck and leave before lunch. Made it all the way to St. Regis, Montana with no problem.

Saturday - Clutch in car messed up. Had to drive back to Spokane to pick up a car trailor and then back to St. Regis to get the car. Loaded car on the trailer with the help of great people from MT and a boy scout group. Hit the road and made it to Bozeman, MT for the night.

Sunday - Trailor breaks decided to not work properly coming down the Continental Divide and I thought we were going to fry the breaks in the truck. They started shaking sooooooooo bad. Imagine that taking off and landing every 10 minutes and sometimes every 30 seconds. That is how it is to drive a Penske truck with a car trailor attached. Oh and let me add 7 days straight of this stuff. Made it to Rapid City, SD for the evening.

Monday - Imagine 2 lane interstate for about 90% of SD and Iowa. The other side of the interstate is totally gone. They are redoing the whole interstate across the midwest.
We made it to St. Joesph, MO and were able to stay the night with a great friend/college professor. We were able to relax in a real house with real food.

Tuesday - Drove FOREVER!!! We though we would try to make it all the way to GA but..... when darkness fell the stress level in the truck just multiplied. I could not see the bumps and turns ahead. We pulled over for the evening to find out the Super 8 we picked had been shut down. Shamrock hotel across the street here we come. Can't beat $40 a night including the pet fee. We were soooooo tired that night that when we woke up the next day we found the doors of the car wide open and the key still in the door knob. (Yes it was an old place.) Luckily we were in a safe place or the crap we have in my car was not worth stealing. ;)

Wednesday - Made it home around lunch time. However, we decided to take the car down to Macon so we had to drive yet another 60 miles round trip to unload the car and trailor. I was soooo sick of the truck by then. At least Samson did not have to make this trip.

Thursday - Drove car up to Atlanta to see the house we were going to rent for the school year.

Friday - Drove truck to Atlanta to unload it. Had lunch at the Brickstore and then drove back to Griffin to drop off the truck. Yes, we are free at last of the truck!!!!!!!

Saturday - Had to drive all the way back up to North of Atlanta for a family get I am tired of driving.

Sunday - Done......I think. House in Atlanta was still not unpacked and but we had to prep for the KB class at Gordon.

Monday - Teach KB Class

Tuesday - drive back to ATL

Wednesday - teach KB class

....... Now we are getting into the daily life stuff..........
Once something exciting happens I will post about it.



andrewodom said...

And I, for one, am super happy that y'all are back "home" in Barnesville, Griffin, Atlanta, etc.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back!!