Friday, January 30, 2009

Breaking Up is Hard to Do Part II

It is important to understand the effect of dieting on the problem.

Eight years ago I came home from college carrying an extra 30 lbs. I was tired, sick, low self esteem (especially when I had to buy size 14 clothes), and my mind was foggy and unclear. In an effort to change these things I did not turn to the lastest diet book. I did not count calories, I did not eat low carb. I however did start making exercise a daily part of my routine and incorporating more veggies into my daily meals. I still baked and tried new recipes and focused on getting more nutrients out of my food and enjoying the occassional beer or dessert.

Before college and the early years of college I was not aware of my body and weight. In fact I have no clue how much I weighed in highschool. I do remember playing sports and just being active all the time while eating at home and small cheap meals out. To save money I developed the habit drinking water and ordering the cheapest meal on the menu. These habits have benefited me as I have gotten older. I have never ordered a meal at a mexican resturaunt (I always order a la carte: 1 chicken burrito please and water. I don't know how many bowls of veggie soup and corn bread and veggie plates my Dad and I ate at Pastime grill for $3 on the nights my Mom was in school.) When I went to UGA for school I discovered the world of eating out alot. I am a clean plate eater and in resturaunts that is not good. They give us way too much food. Portions are out of control. But hey it's there and how in the world can I let it sit there and go to waste. In reality all we need is a small portion of meat and 1 side item.

So, to the point.
Two years ago I started counting calories and following a dieting book to dictate what I eat. From that day forward I have been obsessed with food. I would follow the diet really good for a week and then all of a sudden I would find my self binging on the donut isle or staching Little Debbie boxes under the car seat while eating 4 or more oatmeal creme pies at a time. Then I would feel really quilty and angry with myself about it. This cycle continued up and down. Eventually I have found myself binging on PNB, donut, chips, ..... on a regular basis. I have even considered seeking help from a professional or a group. That was until I took an online class called: Disordered Eating in Active and Sedentary Individuals. Every since I took this class I have begun the journey to regain the ability to listen to my body and the internal cues that we were all born with.

So, the first step is recognizing the problem. So, now what? The fog just rolled out and the sun is shining here so I am headed out to ride my bike. More to come.

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