Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ptarmigan Ridge

Yes, another adventure to Mt. Baker Wilderness. The difference this time is I finally was able to drag Robby along on the trip. I must say all my other trips have been great. This one was a little different. It all started with the car ride. It makes a big difference when you are the one that has to drive. Driving in the mountains is not necessarily fun and can reek havoc on the dog in the back seat if you take the twists and turn too fast. Yes, Samson barfed in the back seat. Sorry buddy. I will drive slower from now on. I will spare you pictures of this.

I was told that the hikes from Artist's Point are a lot easier and you can make them short and still see great things. I was also told that these trails have more people on them. Oh my, there were loads of people!!!! Way toooooo many people. I felt like I was at the mall and we all were little ants following a specific trail. You were constantly dodging people and stepping off the trail to let people pass. I DID NOT like this at all. I was use to seeing the occasional person but having the trail to myself most of the time in silence. Listening to only nature. Well on this trail there were kids and people talking all the time....... anyway.

On all previous trails 90% of the trail was covered with trees and you were in the shade. One walks for 2 miles through the forest and then at the very end of the hike there is a moment where you can sense the forest opening up and then all of a sudden you have a TA DA moment where you see amazing things. For the trail we choose today you were walking on a steep rocky ledge and you see your destination the whole time. From the moment of entering the trail head you can see the TA DA moment, it is just further away. You could choose to not walk further because heck you can already see what you came to see. Why get closer? Why continue to walk? There was no sense of accomplishment. There was no delayed gratification. So, after about 20 minutes of hiking in the blazing sun we turned around and got in the car and left. So, much for trying to enjoy the beauty of nature. It felt more like we went to the mall. Well, I did take pictures of the adventure so enjoy. It was neat to see this place without all the snow. In July when I came up here it was covered with snow.

At the end of the day I finally got to stop at The North Fork Brewery and try 2 pints of their beer. I got a Stout and IPA. They were delicious and the best part of the day. Here's to better adventures next time.


Bob said...

Great pix. Glad to see Robby and Samson. I have really enjoyed your adventures. Hope to see you guts in a couple of months.

Moxie said...

Yeah, can you imagine that Robby was saying "you better not take my picture" as I was taking the shot.