Sunday, September 7, 2008

Heliotrope Ridge

Mt. Baker National Forest has many amazing trails. They all basically look the same until you get close to the tree line. What makes this trail different from the other trails I have done so far are the water crossings. I must admit one was a little nerve racking the first time. However, by the end I felt like a pro and was able to move quickly through them. Below are the sights we saw while on the trail.

This was the water crossing that made me a little nervous.

Ed and Debbie climbing the trail.

The spectacular glacier that we got to see when we got to the ridge. It reminded me of Alaska a little.

If you look closely there are people on the glacier. It helps give one an idea of how big it really is.
Where we ate lunch.
My favorite part of the whole hike was climbing on top of this rock and eating lunch while surrounded by such beauty.
Debbie and Dora after lunch.

I zoomed into get a better look at the glacier. Mt. Baker
Fields of shrub on the other side.

So, there you have it. Another hiking trip courtesy Debbie and Ed. I am thankful that they share their hiking trips with me so that I may share the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with you.


Alice said...

Again, great pictures. You should have some framed. I hope your school year is going well. We are still in the muggy summer weather here, but it looks like you guys are enjoying the pleasant 70 degree days already.

Tanya and Michael Storm said...

LOL, I did the same hike on Thursday, Sept. 4. What day were you up there? My pics look EXACTLY like yours! :-) Stunning!