Friday, December 21, 2007

Winter Solstice

Today marks the day in which we start gaining daylight each day. The sun rose at 8am this morning and it set at 4:15pm. We begin gaining 2 minute each day until the summer solstice. To celebrate the day we cracked open a home brew from a great friend back in GA. I am sure he spent today preparing the brew for the next winter solstice while drinking a few of this year's brew. Cheers, Scott we enjoyed the drink.

On another note. This ferry may be in our near future. Who knows where the next stop will be. :) The Alaska Ferry was in port today picking up passengers and their packed to the gill trucks and moving vans. What a neat sight to see. This thought to be continued... (Could be soon or could be years, who knows???? I just take it one day at a time.)


Anonymous said...

Wow...Glad to see my beer made the blog. In fact, I am enjoying one right now. It is cold and rainy here, so a winter warmer style is perfect. Next years batch is fermenting now. It should ferment out to 8.3% ABV. I added more spices this time since they did wear off a little over the year in the current batch. I also mashed the oats and amber malt which will improve the flavor and mouth feel. I also added an extra ounce of Cascade hops. This time next year will be even better. My last brew I just kegged and bottled is a Fat Tire clone. Although not an exact copy, it does have a real nice toasty bready flavor. I will enter it in the Peachstate Brew off in February. Stay tuned. Email me your street address and I can send one before they are all gone.

Cheers and have an exceptional Winter Solstice.....No killing of goats though.


Moxie said...

Scott - We really do have a treat for you in a box already to go. You should enjoy it. When ever we get off our lazy bums and take it to the post office.