Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tour of Whatcom and B.C.

It was a busy weekend for us. It started with subbing on Friday at the middle school level. I will say that it has not been my favorite experience. Note to self do not take any more middle school jobs. Yes, it was that bad.

So bad that I headed straight to CrossFit Friday night and do a work out to keep myself from crying. Argh...

Saturday begun with Crossfit morning session and then straight to Boundary Bay for lunch and a much needed drink that I had been waiting for since 3:00pm Friday.

As you can see, Bob and Alice made it safely to Bellingham. We enjoyed lunch and headed to the Farmer's market to browse the local artisan merchandise. There is not much food or veggies to buy this time of the year . In fact there is only one more weekend left at the market until April. After lunch we headed out Mt. Baker Highway to see how close we could get to the mountain.

It is about 54 miles to Mt. Baker and we only made it about 42 miles before we saw the sign to not proceed unless you have chains for your tires. So we pulled over and took a couple of pictures of what we saw.

Sunday started with a trip to Lynden, a dutch community north of Bellingham. Unfortunately, the downtown square of Lynden is shut down on Sundays so we did not get to eat at a Dutch Restaurant. :( So we headed north to the Lynden border crossing to get a glimpse of British Columbia, Canada. We went to Alderwood, B.C. a very small town that appeared to cater to the tourist in the Vancouver area. There are no pictures of the town because if you have seen a city/town in America you have seen Alderwood.

However, you usually do not get to see mountains like these. I am sure they are still 50 miles away in this picture.

After crossing back over into Washington, we made our way back to Lynden and headed over to Birch Bay. On the way to the bay we saw hundreds of rows of what we think are Raspberry vines. So I just had to have Bob stop so that I could take a picture. This area would be great to ride our bikes in.
We made it to Birch Bay Park where there are great views and loads of drift wood.
Well, it has been a wet and windy weekend and it does not look like it will get better in the days to come. We have one more meal before Bob and Alice head back to Georgia. I hope they enjoyed the tour of the county and the different places that we ate out at.
Take Care,


Anonymous said...

If your in posting those photos was to make me feel cold, then mission acomplished!


Moxie said...

Cold? It was not cold. Just kidding. I guess we have gotten use to it. When we come back to GA we will be in shorts and tshirts in the winter. :)

Solstice will be here soon.