Friday, November 9, 2007

Let's get back on track!

Things are finally starting to settle down and get into a routine in WA. I have realized that I have neglected the original purpose of my blog. To write about my obsession with food and exercise. For the past two months moving has taken over that obsession and now I am settling down from that. So what have I been doing and eating for the past two months??????

On the road for a week we did Crossfit or similar work outs at the hotel in the afternoon. However, by the time we made it to WA I had put on 5 lbs. That must be due to the irregular eating which included junk food like hamburgers and fries, candy bars, donuts, etc. During the stress of the trip I found comfort in the junk and now I am paying for it.

Our first 2 weeks in WA lead to alot of stress also which triggers my craving for sugar. Also the lack of a full time job leaves me lingering around looking for things to eat. So, now that I am starting to get in a routine it is time to get back on track. Besides food, exercising has been hard too. Being in a new place holds me back because I don't know where to go or what a good running loop is. Also the size of the house is considerably smaller than our previous house which makes workout room limited especially if both of us are working out.

So, yesterday I opened up the bike route map and decided to run down to the Harbor and do the trail loop there and run back. Well, 40 minutes later I was still 5 minutes running from the house so I stopped and walked the rest of the way. The run was good but I could tell I have not been doing enough in the past 3 weeks because I was suffering. Tomorrow if it is not pouring down rain like it was this morning I will head to the cycle shop at 7:30 and hope I can hold on to the back of the group and not get lost. I really hope it is not pouring down rain because I have been missing my riding. However, I did get to ride to school the two days I have subbed but it is still not the 10 miles I was doing in GA. It was only 4 miles. So, hopefully starting today I will start to shed a couple of the pounds I have gained and also find a full time job doing something during the day to keep me from boredom eating.

Stay strong,

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Heather & Adam said...

Carrie, you will get that off in no time! You always look amazing to me,if that makes you feel any better! I wish I had an ounce of your discipline.