Sunday, April 19, 2009

Food and Thoughts

Food is so much better when you make it from scratch with your own hands. It is also the best when it is straight from the source and produced locally.

In effort to reduce the amount of money we spend about 6 months ago Robby and I quit eating out our 1 night a week. At first it was kind of depressing not getting out of the house and eating out. Now that we are scratch cooking and making meals that take time and effort I find it hard to eat out. It is just not the same. I now find foods cooked in today's resturaunts to not have depth and and freshness that we can create in our home. Instead, I feel like we are being ripped off now that I know how much it really costs and how fat and flavored enhanced foods are when you are not in control of what happens to your food.

My new love for the week is Local Raw Honey made by bees who have pollenated blackberry bushes. Now I have to find somewhere in GA that sells local raw honey. I sure do hope someone has hives in the middle of a peach orchard. Now that would be tasty.

Love #2 - French Toast made with homemade bread, drizzled with honey from above.

Love #3 - Daylightsavings time. I have offically seen seasonal affective disorder in person. It is amazing what a difference it makes when the sun rises before you do and sets just before you go to bed. It means walks after dinner in the light, runs in the AM in the light, grass growing like it has no other job to do, trees blooming, flowers shooting out of the ground. If we win the lottery I am buying a summer home in the PNW. It is going to be hard to move to the south in the middle of summer and leave this weather and 17 hours of daylight.

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