Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's a Small World

I have been back to work for a little over a week now. So far I am reaffirming my ability to do the job that I am standing in the midst of. There is sooooooooooooo much to the job. So far I have not gotten so overwhelmed that I wanted to run home crying. I contribute this to the fact that Debbie has help make the transition smooth.

Today we had our first secretary's meeting with a guest motivational speaker from Evergreen Team Concepts. You may be wondering why in the world I am telling about this but here is the catch. He started out asking questions leading up to a story, like is there anyone else from GA in the room. Yes, I raised my hand. He then preceded to tell us that he grew up in a small town called Griffin. He is from Griffin, GA. Holy smokes, Batman. Did that man just say he grew up in Griffin, GA? He asked me if I knew where that was. Of course, I said, I basically grew up there. He then preceded to tell a story about a time he was at 4th Ward Elementary. He spoke of the Secretary and how she made an impact on his life. Come to find out through the story he grew up in The Rock and then moved to Griffin where he spent most of his school career. He was amazed that I knew where everything was. I was amazed that I met a man from the same neighborhood that I spent the first 31 years of my life. During part of the story he started to tell about his math teacher in 6th grade. At first I thought it may be my grandmother that he spoke of but it wasn't. I asked him later if he knew Mrs. Skelton and sure enough he remembered the name. Now mom, did Grandmother wear red lip stick to work? He said that was a memory of her. I did not know Grandmother during her teacher years so I couldn't confirm it. He said he was in Griffin in the 60's. So I am guessing he is in his 50's. His name is Henry Beeland. His dad passed away in the late 90's while he was still living in Griffin. I am still amazed about the whole thing. So far, I have met two people in Bellingham, WA that had been in the area that I grew up. One day at the park while working out I met a women whose uncle lives in Jackson. Yes we had to reminisce about Fresh Air BBQ.

Well, I am starting to babble. Off to watch swimming.


Sandra said...

Small world? That must have been a good part of your day:) I hope everything at school goes smoothly for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Granny did at rare times wear red lipstick. That was the only makeup she would wear.

Wonder what he was thinking about someone in the audience who knew where he come from and could share memories.
Luv ya!

Anonymous said... about a small world!