Friday, July 18, 2008

Mountain Adventures

Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest

Thursday I got the chance to take an easy trek up to finally see the mountains that are our neighbors. Mt. Shuksan and Mt. Baker are the popular ones. After 50 miles in the car and a stop at the Nooksack Falls our journey began. We took short cuts straight up the hills through snow instead of walking up the road which opened to cars today (Friday). Thank goodness for hiking poles and our experienced guide Debbie.

Nooksack Falls

(Professional Photo)

The headwaters of the North Fork of the Nooksack River begin on the glaciered slopes of Mt Shuksan. Flowing through open mountain valleys it winds its way into a deep rocky gorge. The channel narrows as the river fights its way through a dark forest, the trees safely anchored on harder rock. Suddenly it bursts out into the blue sky plummeting, momentarily free, for 175 feet. This is the Nooksack Falls. (Taken from website.)

My photos of Nooksack Falls

Picture Lake
There’s no mystery about its name. Picture Lake is singularly gorgeous, capturing reflections of Mount Shuksan and the Snoqualmie National Forest in its mirrored waters. It is also one of the most photographed spots in Whatcom County. Professional photo of the lake. Here are the pictures I was able to get. Man I wish I had a Nikon D300.

Heather, the dogs, and myself.
(Samson stayed home there was not enough room in the car for him.)

Heather Meadows

Table Top Mountain from Heather Meadows

On the way to Artist Point (Yes, that is a trail marker under the snow.)

Artist Point
Mountain SkierLunch

Table Mountain in the background.

Mt. Baker

Mt. Shuksan from Artist Point

Group picture at the top in front of Mt. Baker.

I think Heather and Debbie got more action shots. I will share them with you when I get a copy of them. :)

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Sandra said...

It's so beautiful! I can't let Erik look at these pictures! He would love to be there right now! It looks like you had a great time!