Monday, May 12, 2008

Haggen to Haggen

Saturday a group of us ran in the Haggen to Haggen 5K. I finished the fast course with a time of 21:30. Only 11 seconds of my 5K PR. Of course I will give credit to the course because it seemed that half of it was down hill. It felt really good though since I have only been doing Crossfit workouts and not really running. So thanks Crossfit.

Also, a couple of weeks ago a picture of myself popped up on the Crossfit main website. Below is a picture of the workout "Fight Gone Bad" during our certification. Maybe if I had worn something more revealing I could have gotten a better picture of myself. ;) Oh well, maybe next time.

Hope all the mother's out there had a great mother's day! Hope to see you soon.


Alice said...

Congrats on the time. It looks as if you had a great day. And, yes revealing clothes will get your picture taken more often and in better focus, sorry. Hope to see you guys soon.

Heather & Adam said...

Wait, I thought that was you on the rower! ;)
She's got nothing on you, babe!

Moxie said...

I wish I had that much cleavage. Or maybe not. It may hurt to run then. :)

Heather & Adam said...

Thanks, but we're good for now. We have Adam's car and I am driving the Blazer that Alice and Bob had. I can put the word out for you, though. Someone we know may buy it!

Sandra said...

I now have that much cleavage and I hate it. I think I would die running if it stayed with me after the baby. I already know it won't-woohoo!