Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring or Winter? Make up your mind!

While everyone else in the lower 48 are enjoying toasty 60 to 80 degree weather the Pacific North west can not decide if it wants to be spring or winter. A front from the North rolled in and has dumped snow about 50 mile south of Bellingham measuring up to 8 inches. Luckily Bellingham just has over cast skies and no snow right now. Out in the county there is a little dusting of snow that I saw on the morning bike ride.

Speaking about bike rides. In April one should beable to head out the door with shorts and a jersey on. In WA you will probally have leg and arm warmers on too. Not today, I had on an under shirt, polar tech fleece, jersey, wool socks, shoe covers, fleeced lined wool hat, black gloves, fleece lined wool gloves, bike shorts, leg warmers, and a pair of capris over that. With all that on I was still a little chilly. After about an hour of riding it even snowed on us a little. Here are a couple of pictures from the adventure. Enjoy and send a little warm weather this way please!

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Sandra said...

Hey, you look cold. I hope it warms up for you!! The pics look beautiful! I sweat today in our 70+ degrees on my 2 mile walk. I had to stop after 2 because of the braxtin hicks contractions-they came on strong today. Can't wait to run again without someone kicking me:)