Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Level I Certifcation

This weekend Robby and I traveled to Santa Cruz, CA to attend the CrossFit Level I certifcation. Above is the group picture of everyone that was there, including trainers. We met alot of great people and learned in greater detail what Crossfit is really about. This stuff is amazing.

Also this weekend it was my goal to be able to do 10 kipping pullups by the Certification. At the Cert. I achieved 13 kipping pull ups. I love this stuff and I can't wait to start training others using this philosophy. Here is a video of me at Jogo the Thursday before Cert. reaching my goal of 10.


Alice said...

Looking good. Now that you guys have done the certification are there any "next" plans?

Sandra said...

Look at you!!!! Erik and I are amazed!

Moxie said...

The "next" plans are in the works. We are currently volunteering as trainers at Jogo to gain experience before doing the Level II cert.