Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Tough Work Out

Since I missed the 450 things to be thankful for on Friday, Emilie put me through the work out yesterday. Here is a glimpse of the work out.

The total workout was:

“450 Things to Be Thankful For” WOD
Row x 20 calories
Push Press x 10 (Guys 95, Girls 65)
Push Ups x 20
Sumo Deadlift High Pull x 10 (Guys 95, Girls 65)
Rope Recline Pull x 20
Snatch x 10 (Guys 95, Girls 65)
GHD Hip Ext x 20
Push Jerk x 10 (Guys 95, Girls 65)
GHD Sit Up x 20
Barbell Windshield Wiper x 10 (Guys 95, Girls 65)

Personal Update:
I have been subbing and working a seasonal retail job for the past couple of weeks. So I have been keeping myself busy with working and exercising. It is late and the day starts early tomorrow.

Take Care,

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Alice said...

WOW!!!! We are impressed with the video of you workout. We watched it on the gym's website. It looks as if you have not lost a beat in your strength training.