Thursday, November 22, 2007

Fitness in Bellingham

When Robby and I moved to Bellingham we gave up our at home gym. In GA we had a running track, workout room, and 2 car garage. When we moved to a smaller house we gave up all of those things. Luckily we found Jogo in Bellingham that meets our needs. We work out there almost everyday. To learn more about the gym go to We love it here. If you look under the news section you can get a glimpse of us doing workouts. I am proud of the picture that I took of Robby with his Crossfit shirt on practicing his Olympic lifts. I think Emilie sent it to headquarters to see if they would post it on the official website.
Now, here is video from another affiliate that will give you an idea of why we enjoy this style workout. Example workout (window media player).


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